If I want to learn violin, how old should I be when I begin?

You can learn the violin at any age! Carrie has taught students of all different age, skill, and ability levels. When teaching a child, she prefers to start lessons when they’re about 5 years old.


I'm an adult. Can I still take lessons?

Absolutely! If you have the time to practice and the desire to play an instrument, then you're the perfect candidate for violin lessons.


How long does each lesson last?

Private lessons start at 30 minutes, and the time may be increased as the student becomes more advanced. 


Are the lessons taught one-on-one?

These private lessons are individual, and parents are invited to attend. For younger students, Carrie strongly recommends that parents stay; parental involvement creates successful learning and practicing.


Do you teach during school breaks and the summer?

Violin lessons are taken weekly and year-round. The studio will take breaks for major holidays and will continue through the summer.


How much do you charge for a private lesson?

Please contact Carrie for her current rates.


What accessories will I need to buy for lessons?

Please talk with Carrie before purchasing any items or instruments. She can recommend brands and stores for purchasing the best items. Examples of supplies that will need to be purchased before the first lesson: rosin, a shoulder rest, metronome, music stand, and sheet music.


How often do I need to practice each week?

Carrie recommends that each student practices 5 days/week. Each day they practice, they should practice for however long their violin lesson lasts. Young children need to practice with a parent.


Should I buy an instrument or rent?

If you've never played a string instrument before, Carrie recommends renting the instrument for awhile before buying one. You'll want to make sure you’re ready to continue learning the instrument before investing in your own. When you decide to purchase your own, please discuss your price range ability with Carrie, and she can lead you in the right direction. Please avoid purchasing instruments online or at music stores that are not specialty violin shops.




Start—or continue—your musical journey with private violin lessons.